Laugh Out Loud with These Ultimate Dog Fails

a brown dog sitting on top of a sandy beach
Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. They have been loyal companions to humans for centuries, and their love and affection towards us are incomparable. We all know that dogs are intelligent creatures, capable of learning tricks and understanding commands. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? That’s when we get to witness some of the most hilarious dog fails.


Whether it’s a clumsy dog trying to catch a ball or a pooch struggling with basic obedience training, these ultimate doggy fails videos will surely make you LOL. So sit back, relax and get ready for some wholesome entertainment.

  1. The Ball Catcher Fail

Dogs love playing fetch, but not all canines are great at catching the ball mid-air. This video shows an adorable Golden Retriever named Charlie attempting to catch a tennis ball in his mouth but failing miserably every time. With each failed attempt, Charlie looks more confused than ever before.

  1. The Obedience Training Fail

Training your furry companion is essential for their safety and well-being, but sometimes things don’t go as planned during obedience classes. This video captures a hilarious moment where a bulldog named Tank refuses to follow his owner’s commands during training class and decides to take matters into his own paws instead.

  1. The Stair Climbing Fail

Watching dogs climb stairs can be amusing; however, it can also lead to some epic fails if they’re not careful enough. This video showcases an enthusiastic Corgi named Biscuit who tries jumping up the stairs instead of using them traditionally – ending up tumbling down instead!

4.The Jumping Through Hoops Fail

Agility courses involve jumping through hoops or over obstacles that require coordination skills from both pets and owners alike – which is why this next fail is even more comical! Meet Skipper; he attempts at completing an agility course with enthusiasm but ends up crashing into one of the hurdles.

  1. The Swimming Fail

Dogs are known for their love of water, but not all pups are natural swimmers. This video shows a hilarious moment where a French Bulldog named Winston tries to swim in a pool but ends up sinking like a stone instead.

  1. The Car Ride Fail

Dogs love car rides – until they don’t! In this video, we see an overly excited pup named Tucker who jumps into the car and immediately regrets his decision when the window rolls down, and he gets hit in the face by the wind.

  1. The Door Stopping Fail

Door stoppers can be fascinating objects for dogs – they’re fun to play with until they’re not! This Golden Retriever attempts at playing with one but ends up getting startled every time it stops him from going through the door.

  1. The Jumping Up on Furniture Fail

Dogs often have selective hearing and tend to ignore commands when there’s something else that interests them more – like jumping up on furniture! This video showcases an adorable Dachshund named Frankie who refuses to listen to his owner’s command to get off the bed – leading to some hilarious moments as he struggles to get down again.

9.The Eating Fail

When it comes to food, dogs can be quite competitive- sometimes even greedy! In this video, we see two dogs fighting over a treat- only for one of them (the smaller Chihuahua) getting pushed away while trying hard not let go of his prize!

10.The Running Into Glass Doors FAIL

Glass doors may look invisible; however pets don’t seem always understand that concept- leading us towards this final fail! A Golden Retriever is seen running full speed towards what he thinks is an open door… only ending up crashing into it instead!


We all know that dogs have unique personalities which make them lovable companions; however these ultimate doggy fails videos reveal a silly and downright hilarious side of these furry friends that we all love so much. From clumsy ball-catchers to overenthusiastic agility participants, these videos prove that no matter how well-trained our pets are, they still have some funny quirks that can make us laugh out loud!


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