The Ultimate Compilation of Adorable Dog Moments That Took the Internet by Storm

dog running on beach during daytime
Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, and their loyalty and companionship never cease to amaze us. They are not just pets; they become a part of our family. In recent years, social media has become a platform where dog lovers can share their furry friends’ cutest moments with the world. These adorable dog moments have taken the internet by storm, and we compiled some of the most heartwarming ones.


1) The Golden Retriever Who Couldn’t Stop Smiling


A video of a Golden Retriever named Finnegan went viral when his owner captured him smiling from ear to ear while receiving belly rubs. In the video, Finnegan is lying on his back as his owner scratches his belly while he wags his tail happily. The video quickly spread across social media platforms, with people admiring how infectious Finnegan’s smile was.

2) The Dog Who Gave His Owner Hugs Every Day


Another heartwarming story that took the internet by storm was about an Australian Shepherd named Buckeye who would give his owner hugs every day before she left for work. Buckeye would wrap his front legs around her neck and bury his face in her shoulder as if to say goodbye before she left for work.

3) The Puppy Who Was Adopted By A Cat

A video showing a tiny Chihuahua puppy being adopted by a mother cat went viral on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram in 2015. In the video, the cat snuggles up with her new puppy like it was one of her own kittens, even grooming it like she did with her other babies.

4) The Corgi Who Learned How To Play Fetch With Himself

Ein is an adorable Corgi who learned how to play fetch with himself when no one was around to throw him toys! Ein would throw toys up into the air using just its mouth then catch them again, all on its own! The video of Ein playing fetch with himself went viral and has been viewed millions of times.

5) The Dog Who Refused To Leave His Owner’s Side During A Photoshoot

A Golden Retriever named Bailey stole the hearts of many when he refused to leave his owner’s side during a photoshoot. In the behind-the-scenes video, Bailey can be seen following his owner around as she posed for pictures, even sitting in her lap at one point. People loved how loyal and loving Bailey was towards his owner.

6) The Husky Who Sang Along With Its Owner

In a viral video that took the internet by storm, a Husky named Maya can be seen singing along with her owner as he plays the piano. Maya howls along with her owner in perfect pitch and rhythm, making everyone who saw the video smile.

7) The Dog Who Cried Tears Of Joy

A heartwarming moment captured on camera shows a dog named Bruno crying tears of joy after being rescued from an animal shelter. In the video, Bruno is seen whimpering while being petted by his new owner before bursting into tears of joy.

8) The Pug That Couldn’t Stop Sneezing

In 2018 a viral video emerged showing an adorable little pug who couldn’t stop sneezing whilst sat on its owners lap – it was so cute that viewers quickly fell in love with this little pup!

9) The Dog That Comforted Other Animals

When wildfires swept through California in 2018 devastating homes and killing animals; Odin – an Australian Cattle dog stepped up to comfort other animals that had lost their homes including goats and deer who were devastated by what they had experienced. Odin became famous for his acts of kindness towards these animals affected by natural disasters.

10)The Puppy That Learned How To Swim

A little puppy named Riptide became famous when videos emerged online showing him swimming and diving like a pro in his owners swimming pool. Riptide’s videos spread like wildfire across social media platforms, making everyone who saw the videos smile.

In conclusion, dogs’ cutest moments have taken the internet by storm because they remind us of how unconditional their love is towards their owners. Whether it’s a dog smiling, giving hugs or even comforting other animals, these adorable moments show us how much joy our furry friends bring into our lives. So let’s continue to share these heartwarming moments with the world and celebrate just how special dogs are!


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